Introducing the DrywalPro: The Ultimate DIY Tool

Installing drywall and plastering joints, seams or patches is easy enough for most do-it-yourselfers with a basic tool kit, but nobody wants to deal with the dusty mess that results from sanding. With the DrywalPro, completing your drywall DIY projects will be quick, clean and dustless.

The Right Tool – DIY or Pro

Drywall is known by a long list of names, like sheetrock, gypsum board, plasterboard, wall board and many others. No matter what you call it, everyone knows that it figures prominently in most homes, and most home renovations involve drywall work of some kind at some stage.

Projects like re-painting, repairing wall damage, finishing a basement or closing up the walls after electrical or plumbing work need to have great drywall finishing to look good. Even small imperfections in plaster seams and patches will show through the paint and create a scrappy-looking final result.

DrywallPro solves those problems, which is why it is a favorite of do-it-yourselfers, handymen and contractors alike.Having the right tools for the job at hand makes a world of difference, and DrywalPro makes the perfect addition to any kit of DIY toolkit.

Quite simply, it is the best product on the market for drywall and plaster finishing projects.

Make Short Work of Home DIY Projects

The DrywalPro makes finishing drywall projects easier than ever. The DrywalPro’s durable wheels glide smoothly across the surface while the retention screws and replaceable spacers let you adjust the blade to the perfect position. The silicone finger pad makes this hand-powered tool easy to control so you can achieve a seamless finish. Wasting your time and burning out your arms sanding will become a thing of the past after you add one of these tools to your kit.

Instead of spreading loose material in the air like a sanding block would, this piece of DIY equipment controls the dust and debris thanks to a 12-inch heat-treated blade that shaves off extra material so it falls to the floor. The pressure-actuated blade always provides a smooth, consistent surface so you can work quickly and worry-free. Using a DrywalPro cuts down on finishing and clean-up time, while delivering top-notch results in the process.

Better Results, Less Mess

The DrywalPro makes finishing any DIY plaster job faster and cleaner than with traditional tools. Because the blade shaves away extra compound instead of grinding it down like sanding would, the mess is easily controlled. Rather than becoming airborne, extra material falls straight off the wall to the floor so it can be easily swept up.

But what about finishing new ceilings? This is where the DrywalPro really shines.

When held up to a ceiling, the hollow body of the DrywalPro collects falling material as you work. By stopping the mess before it starts, the DrywalPro will make dreaded ceiling work faster and cleaner than ever before.

Where Can I Buy the DrywalPro?

You can buy the DrywalPro from anywhere because orders are processed through Amazon for fast, reliable delivery at a reasonable price. So whether you’re a contractor, DIY hobbyist, or someone looking for a gift for the handyman in their life, this revolutionary tool is only a few clicks away!

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