Cut the dust with DrywalPro.

Experience unique dustless drywall finishing technology on the handiest tool in its class.

Ideal for contractors and DIYers, DrywalPro make drywall finishing cleaner, quicker, and more fun!

  • Quick & easy
  • Fixes sanding scratches
  • No power needed
  • No dust barriers needed

The pressure-actuated blade quickly shaves joint compound, eliminating sanding dust & producing a smooth, consistent surface every time.

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Prep & cleanup

1 year

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original patented design

How does it work?

Because DrywalPro shaves, waste joint compound is heavier, falling directly to the ground and eliminating airborne dust that traditional methods create.

The tool’s durable wheels glide smoothly across drywall without damaging the surface, while the heat-treated blade effortlessly smooths any amount of joint compound to a seamless finish. DrywalPro comes with a replaceable, four sided blade that can be rotated for maximum longevity.

Discover DrywalPro

  • Durable wheels glide smoothly on surfaces
  • Magnetic silicone finger pad for comfort
  • Knurled retention screws to adjust blade
  • 4 sided, heat treated, long life blade
  • Replaceable spacers for perfect shaving gap
DrywalPro's features make your next drywall project quick and easy


DrywalPro is so satisfying to use! Makes renovations faster and more fun!

Jordie Shepherd


Equipping my team with DrywalPro has increased our speed and reduced costs.

Sam Horstman


This tool is amazing! Total game changer for the dry walling process.

Natalie Harris
Small Business Owner

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